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Թ : ٿѧٷٸ TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 LED Screen X-Series
Թ : A000000841
Ѻاش : 12/10/2564

ٿѧٷٸ TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 LED Screen X-Series

Ҥһá 890 ҷ

§ 480 ҷ



1.Թ: TWS-X3C、X3B

2.Թ:Stereo Sound Wireless Earphone


4.ѹٷٸ : V5.1 + EDR (ѵѵ)


6.ٷٸ : 2.4G

7.ẵ: ٿѧ 50 mA 蹪 1800 mA

8.Сѭҳ:10 -15

9.ŧ: ҳ 4

10.Ҿٴ: ҳ 4

11.㹡ê :ҳ 2

12.㹡ᵹ: 280hours


14. Input: 5V-1A

15. Output: 5V-1A

16.Horn diameter : φ 10.6mm

17.Impedance : 320 ± 15%

18.Frequency range : 20Hz ~ 20KHz

19.Charging cabin capacity : 2000mAh

20.Earphone capacity: 60mah


** ѺԹº俢ͧ㨹Ф Թҵͧẵ 2 ͹ҹ ͧ **

Ըաҹ:Ժٿѧ͡ҡͧ쨷ͧҧ Ѿͺٷٸ Դŧ/մ͵ͧ

Ը:Ժٿѧ͡ҡͧ źͺٷٸ͡ҡѾ ҧѺ价ͧ Ժ͡Ҩҡͧա Ѿзӡ


Sports Touch Wireless Headset TYPE-C Mirror Wireless Headset For X3C Arrow


-Clear stereo effect: enhance the sense of depth, presence and space,

 and present a realistic scene-like three-dimensional surround effect,

 allowing you to immerse yourself in music.

-Excellent connection: Easily switch between using two earplugs or using one side,

 perfect for listening to music and making calls. Never worry about interrupting the call

 during listening and controlling.

-Easy to carry: The small and compact earphone is easy to carry and use.

 Suitable for your running or fitness.

-Battery life: charging box has a large-capacity battery, the standby time is long.

-Ergonomic earphone: follow the ergonomic shape concept, make the headset firmly wear,

 and experience a long-term stable and comfortable wearing experience.


 They are carefully designed to extend the service life, will not hurt the ears, bring a comfortable wearing experience.







Package Included:


1*battery compartment

4*ear cap

1*charging cable


Թ蹹ըӹǹӡѴդ觫ҧͧ ҷҹѺʹҤʹ㨷ҧ

ТͷӡõǨѺ ѾവԹʵ͡ա駤

ʹ繢ͧ ᨡ١ ʡչ 1 , 1 ˹

ԴͺҤ кبӹǹͧ¤

Թ͡㺡ӡѺ (TAX INVOICE) Ѻ١ҡ ѷ ͧ ´ٷ˹ ”Ը觫͹”

͵Դµçҷҹ PANDTIP 085-6822247 , 081-8488428 , Line id : ton_putipol ,

e-mail : pandtip.info@gmail.com  ¤س١ö Թ : A000000841 ¤

˵ Ѻس١ҷͧ繢ͧ

1)  ҤҹѧŤ (VAT) 7%

2)  ԹҡͧШѴ㹡 ORDER ¨աûѺҤ óմѧ仹

     2.1)  ͧ¹ŧèѳ (ͧ) ¹Ẻ ᵡҧҡٻŧ

     2.2)  ͧբͧʡչ ҡ 1

     2.3)  ͧ˹觢ͧʡչ ҡ 1 ˹

     2.4)  س١Ẻ ͧҧ͡Ẻ

     觡 ORDER س١öԴҤ¡Ѻҧ ͷҧʹҤ

3)  ѺʹҤ س١ʹ觫 ҧҨ ҨӹǹԹ Ẻ ҹͧ

     § ҡóԹ§ 㹡ôԹõػẺ ֧ͺ֧س١

     Թ 20 ѹ, ҵͧԹҨҡçҹԵ һҳ 20-30 ѹ




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